Ink Pump Accessories
Along with your pumps you will need a variety of accessories. From hosebarbs to hoses we can supply all your needs.

Commonly used items are 3/4" Hosebarbs Part Number 1029. (One is supplied with the centrifugal pump). Fountain hooks 1/2" Part Number 1005, 3/4" Part Number 1004. 3/4" Discharge tubing Part Number 1006 and 1.25" Return tubing Part Number 1007.

Ink Filters will keep your ink clean (Link)
Surge Suppressors for Double Diaphragm Pumps (Link)
We manufacture a range of high quality extra capacity stainless steel tanks (Link)
Quick Connecters will give you easy changeovers (Link)
Filter Regulator Lubicators for your air line (Link)
Return Line Strainers (Link)
Zahn #2 Cups (Link)
Cleaning Liquid for Ink Pumps etc (Link)

Pump repairs & spares (Link)


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