1027 Return Line Strainer for Powerwise Ink Pump Return Line Strainer

Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer designed to eliminate large particles coming back from the press.
Ideal for catching fibres, paperboard or anything that is in the returning ink. Excellent pump protection and to stop the contaminate from being pumped back to the press.

More Pictures of this Filter
Picture of the strainer clipped to the bucket
Picture of the tubing through the return line hole into the strainer

The model 1027REM is fitted with a rare earth magnet and cleaning cover.
Picture of the removable top hat cover to easily discard metal particles
This helps eliminate metal particles getting back into the ink and consequently damaging the doctor blades
More Magnet Information (Link)

Dimensions (Link)

Mesh to Micron Information (Link)

Filter setup info (Link)


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