Ink Pump Model 556079
Air Motor Driven Drum Pump
This specification is for use Worldwide
Suitable for hazardous areas. Stands in a 55 gallon/200 Litre container

Standard Flexographic and Gravure ink applications
Lubricated air pressure at 25 - 100 PSI required
Trifugal design - open stainless steel rods.
High performance plain bearings.
Stainless steel wetted end
Bypass Mixing System
Nylon coating for easy cleaning
ATEX approved (Link)

More Pictures of this pump (Link)
Centrifugal pump setup (Link)
Accessories for this pump.Accessories

Drum Lid
The pump is fitted with our interchangeable lid allowing it to rest on top of a lid manufactured for a drum. Picture

Installing the FRL Video
Installing the Air Motor Kit Part One (Includes the Tool Kit)
Installing the Air Motor Kit Part Two  (Kit Details)
Installing the Air Motor Kit Part Three (Disassembling the Motor)
Installing the Air Motor Kit Part Four (Assembling the Motor)


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