1092-11 Electric Powerwise Ink Pump
*This pump has been upgraded to model 1192-11.  Spare parts are still available.

Electric Motor Driven Ink Pump - For Narrow Web & Small Presses
Suitable for non hazardous areas. Stands in a 3 gallon/11 Litre container
Standard Flexographic and Gravure ink applications
Voltage required 110/220/1.50/60
Bypass Mixing System Optional (Part Number 2010)
Nylon Coated Column

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Note :

This pump is available in two configurations. One with a 9" (230mm) Lid and a 2 gallon (8 Liter) container. The other option is an 11' (280mm) Lid and a 3 gallon (12 Liter) container.
See upgraded model 1192


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